61 Centre Street, Nantucket, MA 02554

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Nantucket  Est. 1803

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    Check In

    Our regular check-in time is 3:00 PM.  If your room is available earlier, however, we will allow an earlier check in.  If not, you may leave your luggage in the foyer, living room or dining room until you check in.


    Check Out

    Or regular check-out time is 11:00 AM. We ask that you honor our check out policies so that we can ensure that rooms are always ready at check in time.  If your ferry or flight is not until later in the day, again, you may leave your luggage in the foyer, living room or dining room and continue to enjoy Nantucket until you are ready to leave.



    For your convenience, especially before check in and after check out, there is a half-bath in the second floor hallway.


    Breakfast, Afternoon Treats, Friday Wine and Cheese Reception

    We serve a bountiful continental breakfast between 8:30 and 9:30 AM in the dining room.  During the season, you are welcome to take a tray to the veranda or to the yard/gardens. We serve homemade pastries each afternoon except for Fridays when we offer our wine and cheese reception (between 5 and 6pm) once the Covid restrictions have been lifted.


    Guest Refrigerator and Ice-Maker

    We provide a refrigerator and an ice-maker for your use to the left of the buffet in the dining room.


    Common Areas

    In addition to the living room, dining room and foyer, there is a veranda, and there are chaises on the lawn.  By spring there will also be an outdoor garden and patio, complete with a fire pit and fountains and tables, chairs and umbrellas.


    Roof Walk

    Gentle ocean breezes and a panoramic view of the harbor and town make our roof walk a perfect place to share a glass of wine or star gazing with friends and loved ones.


    Beach Towels, Umbrellas, In-Room Safes, Water Bottles

    We provide plush monogrammed beach towels! They are located to the right of the stairwell on the first floor. Please sign your name and room number when you take one out, and again when you have returned it. We ask that you shake them out before bringing them back to the house and that you drop them in the hamper at the bottom of the stairs, rather than taking them to your rooms.


    We provide Martin House umbrellas, in your closets/rooms.  Please leave them when you leave island that other guests may enjoy them.


    For your peace of mind, we provide in-room hotel safes in all double occupancy rooms.


    We provide recyclable dishwasher-safe water bottles for you to take home, in the hopes that you stay healthy and hydrated and will call the number on the bottles to set up your next visit whenever you find you can get away.


    Outdoor Shower

    We have an outdoor shower available for your use, located just around the bend at the back of the house.   It is open air/not enclosed.


    Bicycle, Automobile and Moped Parking

    We have covered bike racks under our veranda. Mopeds may be parked in the driveway, hugging the structure, allowing space for cars to come and go.


    We offer parking passes for street parking of your automobiles.  Please do not park in our driveway, which is reserved for staff and deliveries. If you bring a car, please request a Guest Parking Permit to put on your dashboard. Be sure to secure it if you leave your windows down and to return it to us before you leave the island.  The charge for a lost pass is $100.00




    Martin House Inn overhead view garden

    61 Centre Street,

    Nantucket, MA 02554



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